I am a UX/UI designer based in London.

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Make clever simple

and simple clever.

Hi! My name is Barbara and I am a UX/UI designer based in London. I've worked across brand, print, advertising and digital design for the last 7 years. My recent projects include campaign concepts and volunteer fundraising UX for charities such as Diabetes UK and The Children Society while working for Manifesto Digital. Other clients include Cancer Research UK, The Cabinet Office, PaulMcCartney.com, GSMA and more.


When I'm not working, the hobby I enjoy the most is carrying on working. That's when I'd make things like this or this.

I love illustration, photography, live music, travelling, playing videogames and writing

I am always available for freelance work, so please do get in touch if you have any questions!

The best thing about creating something

is that it starts living its own life.

The Children's Society digital rebranding
Dress Diabolical 2015
UX & Design
Swim22 Pool Challenge

Design & UX

Brand identity
PostPoetry Magazine
Chinese Recipes for All
Brand identity
The Transnational logo

Brand Identity



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Say it right!

/ 'gra-ree-ge /

Grarighe / 'gra-ree-ge / is a fusion of the words gra-ndioso (great), gra-fico (graphic) and righe (lines).
Grarighe was born when I came across a fantastic illustration, so beautiful, so indescribable, that I felt compelled to create a new word to capture it. Since that day I have always used that word every time I was stunned by a spectacular form of art and design, every time I was hypnotized by simple but clever work, where lines and shapes combined to achieve the perfect balance.

My aim is to create grarighe with every project I undertake.